Friday, March 17, 2017


Brutal, the words
that I will speak, may sound.
But I am the life, I am justice.
The day is coming,
the time has come.
Your doom is here,
you can not succumb.

Soon the red droplets,
will rain from the sky.
Roads made from corpses,
will soon be alive,
The deads will kill,
whoever is left behind.

Gardens blossomed
with ashes and flesh,
And no man will be alive
to see the world's end.
How much will you fight?
How many voices will you stop?
How much will kids cry and pray for their loved one?
Tell me how many will you send to die?
How many people are left to destroy?
They say you are afraid,
What's left to be happy now?
They say you get scared,
Blood doesn't frighten you? I wonder how.
They say the demon lies in dark,
I've seen them smiling and laughing in the city park.

You question me,
who am I to speak?
I am the left out good,
within your world of misery.
So what if I stay alone, on my own?
So what if I have no one to hold,
How does it matter?
How does that make you eligible to shut the doors?

You don't like me?
I demand your answerings.
Frightened of me?
Because I am the only one living?
Are you afraid I will speak?
Are you afraid I'll make them believe?
Or are you afraid that it will set them free?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Dear death, Please take me away
Take me into the darkness, do it today.

This is the one and only answer for me
Breaking all the shackles, I need to be free.

All through my life, I got treated like a pest
Here I go, leaving out all the rest.

Being alive, no peace I could find
So, ending my life is all over my mind.

When I'm gone, don't say how much you loved me
I was all alone in my darkest days, where blackout was all I could see.

All they knew was how to deceive
So, when I'm gone, no need to grieve.

A rusted blade against my wrist
A shattered glass and a bleeding fist.

Now I see how bad life hurts
Out of my wrist as the blood squirts.

Tired of the intense, unending fight
I took my own life that night.

Time to turn off the light
As I'm gone forever, Goodbye, Goodnight!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


By: Shubhangi Rane

Reiki – a spiritual healing energy – is inherited in all of us.

 Does not it happen to all of us that we get small cuts and injuries all the time?

We tend to ignore these injuries but nature heals it.  Your body heals itself, even if you tend to ignore it.

Does not it show that we inherit natural healing energy within us?
This healing energy is named as REIKI – Universal Life Force Energy.
The word REIKI is made up of two words REI means Universal and KI means vital life force energy.

Reiki is of Vedic Origin – Reiki has its traces back in ATHARVAVEDA – then it was well known as HASTA SPARSH ROG NIVARANA VIDYA.

 Felicitous is this my hand, yet more felicitous is this. 

This hand contains all healing balms, and this makes whole with 
gentle touch. 

7The tongue that leads the voice precedes. Then with our tenfold- 
branching hands. 

With these two healers of disease, we stroke thee with a soft 

Cannot be more possible accurate name than this.
It exactly and perfectly expresses the nature of Reiki.

Hasta Sparsh means by touch of a hand – Nivarana Vidya means removal of disease technique.
Though we are not allowed to claim that Reiki can remove or totally eliminate the disease, the ATHARVAVEDA very proudly announce it as Nivarana Vidya.
Reiki was rediscovered by Great Buddha but it was lost to humanity.
During 1800, Dr. Mikao Usui, rediscovered this healing method- and later questioned by his students.

Dr.Usui could not answer his students when they ask “Do you know the Technique, in which Jesus

Christ healed people by touch or by saying “YOU ARE HEALED.”
Dr.Mikao Usui considered himself morally bound to answer every question of his students.
He resigned from his job and started a lifelong quest to find an answer to his question.
Dr.Usui visited India, researched on Buddha.  He found some Sanskrit verses relating to his query.
Dr. Usui returned to Japan, and meditated on the top of a holy mountain Kurama, near Kyoto for 21 days.

After 21 days he got the Revelation.  It is said that during meditation a beam of light hit his Agnya Chakra/Third Eye Chakra.

The meaning of sacred verses revealed itself and the mystic symbols appeared and explained to Mikao Usui.

Mikao Usui felt unconscious, when he returned to his senses, he run towards the village at downhill.  But he stumbled upon, his toe get injured and starts bleeding.

Naturally he held his hand around the toe, to his surprise the bleeding stops and pain vanishes.

The first miracle experience by Mikao Usui and miracles continue to happen.

Dr. Mikao Usui later spent his years teaching this technique – Reiki – to others.

Dr. Mikao Usui passed away on March 9th 1926; he passed on the system to Dr. Chijirao Hayashi,( 15 September 1880 – 11 May 1940).
Dr. Chijirao Hayashi was the successor of Dr. Mikao Usui, the second Grand Master.
He opened the first Reiki Clinic in Tokyo, and he played a major role during the Second World War, to preserve this healing technique.
Mrs. Hawayo Takata visited his clinic in 1935, when she was suffering from gallstone, appendicitis, asthma.
She won back her health, so decided to learn Reiki herself.

Dr. Chijirao Hayashi initiated Hawayo Takata as a Reiki Master.
Mrs. Takata trained 22 Reiki Masters.  The credit of spreading Reiki to the world goes to Mrs. Takata.

Now days, Reiki is a quiet popular healing modality, since it’s very easy to use.
You just need intention to heal others, and you can heal anything and everything.

“I want Reiki to be as common as Aspirin”  –     Hawayo Takata Sensei.
It was a dream of Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Let’s make it a reality.

About the author:

Namaste, I am Shubhangi – A Reiki Master.              

I am working with Reiki since 2003; it’s an amazing Healing Energy.
I love blogging, and I love to write.  I started writing from my school days.
I love to learn new things, explore life in every possible dimension.
In this process I learn Yoga, Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Reflexology and many other modules.
I thank Almighty, for giving me this opportunity.
You can follow me on Face book and Twitter
My Email id:

Monday, October 17, 2016


By - Danial Rovira

Hello all my wonderful readers! As you all know I have written many posts which I hope have proved beneficial to most of you. Most of you have even known me quite well over the past few months. But this time I present you a deeply insightful post by an amazing author and blogger Danial Rovira! Here it goes.

 We all strive continuously to bring happiness into our lives. But have we ever given some thought to the difficult times and the suffering we go through?

“Suffering is the meaning of life. Without this, we would never appreciate the joys and ecstasy of living; we would never develop empathy and compassion for other people's suffering; we would never evolve and become more than we can be. Humanity is a work in progress.

Through suffering we find meaning; we gaze inwards at ourselves, not just outwards at the world, so that we can value the totality of all things. By gazing inward, we harness an aspect of ourselves that exists in us all, and we share this and collaboratively make meaning of our lives. 

We step outside our suffering to become observant of it, and know that suffering is us and not us. We see it apart of us even though it is a part of us. But it is not all of us, as neither is joy or ecstasy.

We evolve from a human being to a human doing. We watch and remain still. We accept and do not reject. We allow ourselves to become. And through becoming, we live. “

About the author

Daniel Rovira
Daniel Rovira  is an English teacher who, in his spare time, eats crumpets and writes and performs poetry, mainly in Brighton. It's therefore an occupational hazard that most of his blogs will have an English slant, and address -  in hopefully an informative and amusing way - an aspect of the English language. In addition to this, he has written several pieces on psychology and spiritual growth. Having spent a lot of time travelling and experiencing the world, much of his writing has been influenced by his interactions with different cultures and religions, and so you'll find a range of articles on Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Christianity. Besides this, his other blogs are lighter and satirize aspects of society he finds amusing or annoying.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Let me out
out of the cage
Let me go
to swing my arms in the open age.

Why take so much time to realize?
Now I am grown
Stepping out of myself
I deserve a life of my own.

I smothers me
as if someone is haunting
I am sorry for being blunt
this might sound a bit daunting.

Binding your daughter you say
"Don't you dare come home late!"
Just when a thought crossed my mind
This day is going to be great!

I want to enjoy sleepovers
I want to go out
Is that your solution for everything
to tell me off and shout?

Imagine the world of possibilities
of life's wonderful treasures
Is it your aim to restrain me
from all the worldly pleasures?

Please stop!
It is doing me so much harm.
Causing no good and adding nothing
to your vicious parental charm

Facing the world bravely
don't forget I've grown
Though you should know what I am not
a property that you own.

You have me down with shackles
there is a world outside my room
it would do some good to both of us
if you realize this some time soon.

If you ever step aside
there is something you will see
I'll always be your daughter
but I really need to be free.

Out of the cage
please let me sway
You gave me my life
don't take it away!

Thursday, September 29, 2016


You threw it
just threw it at me
my head caved in
my life crumbled
It grabbed my heart twisting it around.

The burns do remind me
of the fire in your eyes
you chased me
to take your toll.

You couldn't bear direct sunlight
the heat of summer irritated you
then how could you pour fire on me?
didn't my shrieks stagger you?

Now tell me where I was at fault
you expressed your love
I politely declined
Oh! Now I know the blunder I did!

It was my mistake
that I couldn't see
your love was so pure
I couldn't understand.

Now I have realized
I was so wrong!
You just wanted me
I get it.

So here I am
Do you take me now?
Can you look into my eyes
that are buried in my skull now?

Will you run your fingers
on my blistered cheeks now?
You wanted to marry me
Will you tie the knot with me now?

When I walk on the street
children run away
will you cherish my bruised beauty now?
Of course! Your love is so pure.

Tell me something
Do you feel more masculine
after crumbling my heart
and burning my soul?

In my next life
I wish to be your sister
and meet a lover like you
to achieve this dedicated love again!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


This is the story of an Indian teenage girl Mehak who apparently committed suicide due to excessive parental pressure. This was the letter she wrote to her parents before she took her last breath.

Dear mom and dad,
You must be wondering why I am writing you this letter when we live under the same roof. I wanted to tell you a few things that I couldn't ever say to you face to face. I want to thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You took really good care of me. I remember the time when I topped in first grade. I can still see that trophy right in front of me. You motivated me to study hard. I am your only daughter and I know that you have always loved me. You did everything for me. But that wasn't enough. Now you must be wondering how can everything not be enough? 
        Read this sentence again- 'You did EVERYTHING for me'. You took all the decisions for me too. I was never given a chance to do anything for myself. I hope you remember my childhood. The routine was same for everyday. I woke up in the morning, went to school, came back from school and sat down to study as per your instructions. With great difficulties you granted me 45 minutes for playing outside with my friends. After those precious moments of freedom you called me from the middle of a game and stuck me to that dreadful study table again because apparently according to you getting good grades in exams was above all! Your motto was 'Academics is life'. Pardon me for correcting you- 'academics is just a part of life, not the whole life.' Like enjoyment is a part of life which by the way never occurred to you. You wanted me to be a geek and of course I had to pursue science. So I joined a coaching institute in order to get enrolled into one of the best engineering institutes. It was a matter of prestige for you. I was quite determined to study diligently and clear the entrance examination. Throughout these two years of high school I felt like a caged bird with its feathers cut off. I was suffocated. When I couldn't manage my academics with preparation for the big entrance examination, it was like I was losing a game. I had never lost before. Thanks to you I was accustomed to winning! No one taught me how to handle defeat. I was also trying to get over a broken friendship and relationship. You never approved of me dating anyone. In fact you punished me for dating a guy in high school. Remember the time you grounded me and took my cell phone away? Of course you do! According to you dating was a distraction for teenagers. I totally agree with you! But it is a part of life. Instead of constantly trying to refrain me you should have taught me how to deal with various aspects of life together. 

        Time of results was near. What I always feared happened although I knew it was coming. I didn't get into the top university. You said the utmost bitter words to me. You blame me and cursed me. Wasn't I upset enough? There is something all parents should understand. When your child fails all that is needed is some comfort from your side at that particular time. Was there any need for you to pile up on my existing grief and failure? To be very clear I didn't exactly fail the examination, I failed you. I failed myself. I failed life. You don't even know that I aspired to become a writer. You know why? Because I wasn't allowed to express myself. I was always put under the pressure of walking in your shoes. 

        Of course you loved me. But that love was too much too take. You were trying to hold on too tightly. I can feel my life falling apart right now. I have realized that to build a bright future, I have completely ruined my past and present. My smothered soul needs to be set free. I am exasperated from the shackles that have bound me to my cage and now I am ready to break free. You have always made all decisions for me, but this is the choice I am making for myself."

As she bled herself to death, another innocent soul wept along with many others caught in the undertow.