Thursday, May 26, 2016


Since I was a teenager this question has kept bugging me out- Why is everything not easy to achieve? Why is our life filled with complications? Why does this happen that we focus our mind on something, show immense passion towards it and then gradually our enthusiasm fades away as we move forward with it? I have often been in this position in my life and most of the people face a similar situation when it comes to taking a big decision or resolving a dilemma. So to provide an effective solution to this problem I bring upon this post which is both inspirational and informative. I sincerely seek to all readers to read it till the end as it might prove to be a great help for someone in need.

        To every lock there is a key. What is the purpose of a lock? To provide blockage or in other words we can say ‘restriction’. Consider your personality as a lock and our mind as the master key. We create restrictions for ourselves in the form of fear, doubts, over thinking about negative consequences and so on. This is an enormous lock on our actual potential to create a breakthrough. Our thought process is a key to this lock. And as you all know there is only one correct key for every lock and that is positivity in our thought process. All the negativity including negative emotions, fear and doubt are the wrong keys which waste both our time and effort. When we open the lock with a positive attitude we break free of all the shackles and restrictions to achieve anything we want. This has been proven scientifically.

        It is completely wrong to say that we have no control over our life.  In fact we are the masters of our lives. But to take absolute control of our life, we should take control of our mind. There are only two types of thoughts that can occur- positive and negative. Frequencies released through positive thoughts constitute positive energy and those released through negative thoughts constitute negative energy. Quantum physics has already proved that the existence of the universe is merely due to energy. Energy is everywhere both in our actions as well as thoughts. When you fear a particular situation, most of the times you face it because when you constantly think about fear, it becomes your dominant thought which is then converted into reality due to excess of negative energy. A doubt in the mind is the biggest destroyer. We tend to complicate our lives through doubts and worries.  Instead of thinking about what we want we always think about what we are afraid of. So what we think is what we get.

        By now you must have realized that the most important step towards simplification of our lives is ‘creative visualization’. As Rhonda Byrne pointed out in her book ‘the Secret’- “Thoughts become things”. Think about it. Things are made up of energy. Our thoughts are made of energy. Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. For example when we dream, we think that we are actually experiencing what we are dreaming about. That is why our heart beats faster during nightmares. We have in-numerous thoughts in our mind at the same time. But the most dominant thought among them seeps through our subconscious mind and becomes reality irrespective of whether it is good or bad.

        So to conclude, I would like to say that we can give any command to the universe about what we want to achieve through our thoughts. The more enthusiasm we fill in that thought, the sooner we obtain the desired result. So I hope through this post I help my readers to move forward towards a better way to lead their lives and also be their own master!