Friday, July 29, 2016


I felt like a marvelous blessing from above
when you walked into my life, my one true love.

You are my 
sky, you are my sea,
you are my everything and you mean the world to me.

The way your affection takes me on a daily trip to paradise,
every day, every moment makes me aware that your love comes without a price.

My soul is filled with your love when I think about you with full devotion,
you give me a reason to live each day, as my heart races with a sweet emotion!

In the canopy of your arms I always want to be,
enclosed by your hug and the way it completes me.

The way you hold me tightly, I know I can count on you,
you are at my constant beck and call when I don't know what to do.

You are always by my side through it all,
you are always there to catch me whenever I fall.

You gave me your shoulder to cry on when I felt cringing pain,
you showed me rays of sunshine when all I saw was rain.

I am grateful to you, for you made my dream come true,
you have opened my heart and soul to the wonders they can do.

When you cross my mind, I see my face glow,
can't express my feelings with words so how much I love you, you will never know.

Life without you is a scary dark night and you are my shining star,
don't leave my hand ever and stay with me as you are.

In the darkness of my life, be the shining 
promise me we will stay intact and you will always be the same.

It is the way we capture each other's soul and mind
and that is what makes our magnificent love one of a kind. 

So here I am feeling stronger than ever,
knowing that our beautiful love is going to last

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Since childhood, the phenomenon of MAGIC has captured my attention. I used to ask my mom, is magic really true? I used to enjoy magic shows as a kid. It always took me to a world of wild imagination. As I grew up and developed a logical approach of thinking, my magical fantasies started to fade away. My scientific perspective didn't allow me to give away my mind to miracles. I understood the science behind almost all the magic tricks shown to little kids.

       But still there are certain kinds of magic prevalent in this world that do not have a surefire scientific explanation available till date. BLACK MAGIC is one of those kinds. Almost everyone has heard about it- 
the use of supernatural powers for evil purposes. It has always been a debatable topic. Some people refuse to believe at all, while the believers say that it comes with it's own consequences.

Well, I personally haven’t given it much thought since it is considered to be a harbinger of evil. But I am a strong believer of the much lesser known- ‘
WHITE MAGIC. As it may sound, it is the benevolent counterpart of black magic that is, it is used for good purposes. People might call me crazy for believing in such stuff. But after a lot of research, I can finally say that it is not completely a null and void phenomenon.

Myths about white magic:      
To understand what white magic is, we first need to eradicate the myths. The reality is-

  •    It is not a paranormal phenomenon involving ghosts and spirits.
  •   You do not have to be a witch or a wizard to perform white magic.
  •   Merely uttering complicated spells does not bring miracles.
  •   Rituals and Ingredients are not necessary for achieving the desired result.

What is white magic?

            White magic is a positive expression of a person’s THOUGHTS and BELIEFS in the form of rituals, use of specific ingredients and spells to achieve what you want. It is the combination of ‘power of the mind’‘magic of the imagination’ and ‘creative visualization’.

Purpose of white magic:

White magic can be used for the following purposes:

  •       For attracting good health, money and soulmate
  •         For removing obstacles from your path towards achieving your goal
  •           Wish fulfillment

Who can perform white magic?

You don’t need to have an extrasensory perception or some mystical power to perform magic. The power that rests within your imagination and desire is more than sufficient for your wishes to come true.

White magic spells:

Any magic spell is a fancy version of an affirmation for your wish. Spells basically have a hidden meaning that describes what you really want to achieve. They are an expression of your desire. When a person who believes in magic castes a spell, he/ she basically gives out a message or an affirmation. As a result there is an increase in the intensity of belief. The person is filled with confidence that since the spell has been cast wish fulfillment shall be done.

            So basically the spell which is cast doesn’t matter. Believing that you can achieve what you want is all that counts. It is not necessary to utter complicated words from a spell book. You can ask for what you want in the form of an affirmation in your own words with a belief and feeling as though you have already achieved it.

Rituals and ingredients- are they really necessary?

No,  they are not. Like magic spells they too are meant to increase your belief in what you are doing. It is easier to focus on performing rituals written down step by step than to focus your mind on something without any assistance. Performing rituals are means to believe in your dream in a more intensified way because you are made to believe that if you perform the rituals, your dream will come true.
            Same is the case with ingredients. You touch them. You feel them. The sense of touch increases the bonding of your conscious and subconscious mind and instigates a feeling that your goal shall be achieved.

How to perform white magic:

Till now we have learnt that there is no specific requirement of rituals ingredients or magic spells for performing white magic. It is just our mind that matters.  

1.  If you are comfortable with using ingredients and performing rituals, there  is no harm in that as long as you 
believe in what you are doing and have a sense of confidence and satisfaction that you have achieved what you want or it is on it’s way.

      2. If you are still willing to follow certain rituals but you are facing difficulty in obtaining ingredients for the magic or you don’t want people to know then you can follow the procedure by imagining the presence of ingredients intensely. Suppose you want to caste a love spell and the ingredients required are- a rosesalt and a candle.
1.)  Imagine that you are holding a rose. Let your fingers slide through the smooth petals. Smell it’s fragrance. Let the thorns sting. Make yourself believe that you are actually holding a beautiful rose by creating the exact picture and fragrance in your mind.
2.)  Feel the course grains of salt rubbing your hand. Feel it as it slips through your fingers and fall on the floor. Imagine the sound of salt falling on the floor.
3.)   Imagine lighting the candle. See it light up in your mind. Feel the heat of the flame.
Now you have all the ingredients required for your ritual. Start performing the procedure as it says keeping in mind that you have achieved your goal.

     3.  If you do not wish to engage in any kind of rituals then you have got some serious focusing to do. This is the easiest of all the methods.
1.)  Concentrate on what you want. Try to focus all your energy on it. Do not think about anything else for that particular moment.
2.)  Create a picture of your goal in your mind with all it’s intricate details. Suppose if you want a house. Imagine the size of your dream house. Smell the fragrance of the flowers in the garden. Visualize the color of the walls.
3.)  Imagine your wish as though you already have it.

These are the three ways any person can perform white magic to fulfill their dreams. There are certain conditions to be followed with each of these steps-

§  No negative thought of any kind should be encountered during the process. Remember, white magic is solely about positivism.

§  Merely visualizing things won’t help you to achieve your goal. Certain actions are to be taken and quality efforts have to be made.

§  You have to be patient if you don’t get results right away. You have to believe that your wish is on it’s way, coming to you.