Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Dear death, Please take me away
Take me into the darkness, do it today.

This is the one and only answer for me
Breaking all the shackles, I need to be free.

All through my life, I got treated like a pest
Here I go, leaving out all the rest.

Being alive, no peace I could find
So, ending my life is all over my mind.

When I'm gone, don't say how much you loved me
I was all alone in my darkest days, where blackout was all I could see.

All they knew was how to deceive
So, when I'm gone, no need to grieve.

A rusted blade against my wrist
A shattered glass and a bleeding fist.

Now I see how bad life hurts
Out of my wrist as the blood squirts.

Tired of the intense, unending fight
I took my own life that night.

Time to turn off the light
As I'm gone forever, Goodbye, Goodnight!